Remove excel data

this is sample to understand clearly

Hello @nikhil.patil

As per my understanding you are trying to read the first excel and getting the second column. Then removing those rows from second excel using the first excel data.

Here you can do as below.

  1. Read first excel and get the output to datatable and read second excel and get it to another datatable
    2)Filter datatable and get only the second column
  2. use for each row in datatable and loop
  3. for each row in dataable of second excel
    5)REmove row activity

Hi @nikhil.patil

Can share the Excel file with us to show you an sample workaround


From the first table:

  1. use filter data table activity to keep only Type B from column1 and non empty values from column2. Output to Temp table.

For the 2nd datatable, you could use function but simplest way would be to

  1. Join Temp datatable using Invoice# as key.
  2. Filter data table to remove rows where “Parameter’s to be filled” column is not empty.
  3. Delete the columns that you don’t need.