Unable to remove the duplicate rows, range issue facing

Hi, I am unable to delete the duplicate row from the excel. I am sure there is an range issue there.

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We can directly use remove duplicate rows activity
Why remove duplicate range activity, any reason

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bcz I am giving the Range bro.

The process executing but not deleting any Duplicate Rows.

Is that the full range or a specific in your full range

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Full Range only bro**. Like My ExcelTemplate is starting data from A1 and last is BK cell name.**

Even I used the Remove Duplicate Rows but it also doesn’t work. I give me the complete data with duplicate rows. I don’t want to use the Remove Duplicate Rows, Bcz while storing the new data in outdt and again we are using the Write Range, So it remove my table headers and all.

That’s way I want to use Remove Duplicate Rage activity only.

see outdt is giving me the Duplicate Records also.

See both the Data Table containing same records, not removing the duplicate records.

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If both are not giving the duplicates then we need to validate once the excel file manually is it removing any such duplicate rows
Because even if a single column doesn’t have a duplicate value with another row then that is not a duplicate row

Remove duplicate rows will remove for sure

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here is bro, I have like 100 columns in a excel. Only the one column value is different. and other 99 columns value are same only.

Understand the scenario. So this is the case why it’s not removing the duplicate records.

So please tell me how to remove the duplicate rows in this case. Bcz my one column value is different and others columns value are same.

I checked Manually in an excel even when it’s storing in the outdt variable, so it’s giving me whole data from the excel template.


So we don’t have duplicates right
Hope you don’t have the duplicates when manually executed in excel
Cheers @balkishan

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we have duplicate value bro. in the First & 10th column rest are exact same.

two columns value are duplicate rest of the row are same. If you see in the snapshot only the 1st column and 10th column value are Unique/Duplicate so based on this I am removing the complete row.

See this is the case(Sample) so here I want to remove the A2 and A4 complete row from the excel.


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Can you try mentioning the range simply as “A:AD” or whatever you have @balkishan?

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I tried but not working, It’s removing the row when I have complete row duplicate not by 1-2 columns value duplicate.

Yeah, may be it is developed to remove if all the columns values are same @balkishan

Not sure about it.