Remote Runtime msi issue

I have liscenced version 2020.10.* of UiPath Studio . Also installed windows Remote Runtime extension but still it throwing error tmp_1632384239611


Make sure it is installed as per this doc

Restart your machine or UiPath and give a try

Cheers @Priyanka_Molaj1

Yes It is installed on our side as per document… we are automating process on citrix application & we doesn’t have access to install RemoteRuntime.msi on that citrix application in that case what should we do?..

@Priyanka_Molaj1 you need to address this with the Citrix administrators/IT owners. The RemoteRuntime.msi must be installed on the Citrix servers in order to benefit from automation with selectors via Citrix.

If that is not possible, you might want to try Computer Vision automation.