Related to Excel automation process


I have an excel of 100 rows with 20 columns of data each.
During Excel automation, as i know user has to user “Get row item” activity for each of the column (20 columns). In our flow, user should be able to see 20 “Get row item” activities which looks weird.

Do we have any procedure where in user can get all the row items using some conditions etc … please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @nbabu
If i understand well, you could use Read Range activity so you can get all the excel data that you need in a DataTable.

Copy the excel values into datatable using Read Range activity.
Then You can use LINQ to extract the required rows in an datatable with condtions.

Ex : datatable_name.Select("Name='Bruce' and Age = '23'").copytodatatable

This query will fetch all the rows in an datatable which matches the condtion and gives as new datatable with required rows.

Hope this helps.