How to loop through columns and get value from row?

Hello everyone!
I have one excel sheet where i have more than 50 columns. I used read ranged activity and get data in DataTable. Now I need to loop through each columns and manipulate row 16 value for each column. How can i do that ?

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Use for each activity with in argument as dt.Columns

And change type argument to datacolumn if it is old for loop in latest it automatically picks up

Dt.Rows(15)(currentitem.ColumnName) will give eqch column in 16th row


Use Dt.Columns for the same.

If you already know which value you need to manipulate then use:

Dt.Rows(Rows).Items(Column Name)

now i want to save manipulated data as new data table .
how to do this ?


You mean only that row?

if so then after modification use newdt = dt.AsEnumerable.Skip(15).Take(1).CopyToDataTable


i want all data table to be save,


Then just use the same or create a copy

newdt = dt.Clone
newdt = dt.Copy


like what I am doing is :
Loop through each column and maipulate row number 14 of each columns, if all columns are completed then i want to save that manipulated data as new data table.


here dt is what you are looping and changing and after change dt is being copied to newdt as needed


thank you so much

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