Regular expression after scraping data

Hi all,

From the below image after data scrap i needs to separate the string

And i needs to store in excel column Name Designation Email Phone etc

How to do this after scraping

hey @indra
did u get any solution regarding that problem?
i m also facing the same issue.
if u know can u suggest me the same.


Buddy @indra may i know how it looks after data scrapping because based on that only we can split the string, if possible can i have a screenshot of that scrapping wizard once after data scrapping is done

Cheers @niteshbutola5 @indra

@Palaniyappan This thread was posted a year back ago that is when I was rookie.

@niteshbutola5 I have used get full text activity and splited

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Haha, alright
Really sorry buddy @indra

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