Data Scraping extracted in a single cell

I have a big problem.
I am on a website where I have to extract a series of data. I have tried with selectors and anchors but the page is not compatible and I have been trying for more than 2 hours.
Now I have tried doing a data scraping of that data but it all appears in the same cell of column 1.
These data are not separated in any way as I show in the image.
What I need to extract is what I put in yellow.
Can someone give me a hand?


using regex can be possible to get

Can you please paste the text here instead of screenshot and in same format how you are getting

Edit :
Use assign activity as below

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(InputStr,"Envelope ID\r?\n(?<EnvID>.*)\r?\nDate Sent\r?\n(?<DateSent>.*)[\s\S]+Enclosed Documents\r?\n(?<EnclosedDoc>.*)\r?\nEnvelope Recipients\r?\n(?<EnvRecipients>.*)")

Match variable used in assign activity should of type Match as shown above

Later use multiassign to set values or use directly where required as expression shown below


Values quoted in double quotes are groups it should match as per the expression used in assign activity , you can rename to any as you require

Hope this helps


Hi @Belen_Martin ,

Is it possible for you to upgrade your Dependency packages to the latest version and check ? Or Could you enable Modern Design and check if you are able to get the data extracted as a Proper Table using Table Extraction wizard.

Let us know if you cannot change to Modern Design or upgrade the package versions.