Regex validation format

Hi how are things. your help please.

I need to do a format validation on an excel column.

the validation is that the data complies with the following format.


I mean: nnnnnnnnnnn-n-n any number but the last two are divided by hyphens

Hi @alexis.mendoza

You can use a Regex.IsMatch.

Like this in an Assign

Left Assign

Right Assign
System.text.regularexpressions.regex.IsMatch(input_String, “ \d{12}-\d-\d”)

Then use an IF statement to validate whether ‘Boolean_result is true.

Hopefully this helps




I need to apply that comparison to a data table,

Filter the rows that in that column do not comply with the format.

Hi @alexis.mendoza

I would achieve this by:

  • making a new column called ‘Match’ and set the results to TRUE and FALSE.
  • Then filter the results based upon the ‘Match’ column being TRUE and
  • Then remove the column.

Hopefully this helps.



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