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Hi Team,

I am converting Text file to Excel using Regular Expression,I am almost done but in the last column i want to capture data from" EL03-Successfull" in seperate column but its included in before column.
I want to capture this data in last column of excelExcel (17.2 KB) :

But as per my Regular expression its copying in before column.
Attached total code and files.

Appreciate your help @lakshman @sarathi125 @Lahiru.Fernando @Palaniyappan


With the changes done,i can able to convert all lines except last line of file,can any one can help here.
Updated code as below:
Regex Text File to Excel.xaml (65.7 KB)

Agent APT_Validation 1.xlsx (14.6 KB)

Check this file, it is generated with the same workflow, I dont see any issue as you have mentioned. The EL03-Successful added into the last column of the excel sheet1.

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Thank you for the response @sarathi125

Below screen shot ,lat line last active column EL03-Successfull is missing

Check this one, updated few things and tested with the input text file.

Regex Text File to Excel.xaml (66.5 KB)

Hi @sarathi125 ,

Its working perfectly but when the file having different status like “EL34-Sale branch is Mandatory” its displaying last word of error message .



The status will start always with “ELXX-” format?

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Yes @sarathi125 ,
you are correct its always start with EL03-,EL34-,EL56-

Regex Text File to Excel.xaml (67.4 KB)

Check this one, updated and tested.

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This is so perfect,thanks a ton @sarathi125.

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