Validation of row values in Excel (i.e, In correct format or not)


There is multiple columns in excel, in that there is column “Email” and “PhoneNumber”.

My project is, it will get data from excel and fill the values into web application.

So looping through all row values. I want to validate “Email” and “PhoneNumber” is in correct format if not then I have to highlight that value.

How and What are different ways to handle & validate this situation ?

Can we use regex in excel then how to use ?


for check email or phone number

regex for check mail - " [1]+@([\w-]+.)+[\w-]{2,4}$ "

regex for check mobile number - " [2][(]{0,1}[0-9]{1,4}[)]{0,1}[-\s./0-9]$ "

while iterating table please ismatch activity for check mail or phone number

  1. \w-. ↩︎

  2. + ↩︎

Thanks buddy.

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