Regex for date and numerical

Can we use Regex for date and numerical value in UI path studio from where we can add it i didn’t found it in Manage packages

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Some activities you will find here:

There are part from UiPath.System.Activities and should be referenrenced by default already.

As an alternate we can also use API calls drectly within some activities e.g. Assign activity like

myNumber = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(“A1”,"\d+").Value

Also have a look here:

Hello @vikram.pingili

Yes, you can use Regex in UiPath. You can use it in the selectors as well as to extract the values also you can use the Regex expressions.

Please check the below post to get more clarity on the feature.

Hi @vikram.pingili.
We can use Regex for date extraction, numerical values ,names and also we can use Regex in the selectors too. I am updating a Xaml file below where i have extracted current date using Regex. Please go through the Xaml file. If there are multiple matches and you want to extract the first value then create a string variable and assign the value as regexoutputvariable(0).value.
RegexDateExtraction.xaml (5.4 KB)