Regex to extract data including the nextline?

Here is my sample Data and format , yeah it has spaces I have extracted from pdf

08/11/2020          TEST HOME                    Mortgage Company                                                           TRU

then I use this regex (?<=^\s*\d{2}/\d{2}/\d{4}\s+)\S.*?(?=\s{2}) and then ignorecase and multiline

The output I wanted to get is TEST HOME MORTGAGE , but my current regex just gives me TEST HOME because MORTGAGE is on the next line.

Any idea guys ? would be appreciated. Thank you

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Hi @Jelrey,

Try to use regex for each and every line in the loop instead of entire data.

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Hi @Jelrey

The same type of query i have solved already. Below is the thread for the same

Have a look through it.

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