Regex (name and surname)

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This is not related with Uipath but Im using a regex solution and I can not handle with the below situation.
I have expressions like
009 G Nantpaipakdee 38 955 722 650-240-0111
002 Eugénie Romette 432 734 782
005 Christina Pandullo 410-527-8241 410-527-8158
020 Joe Smith 410-771-7815 410-527-8771
030 K Kordysiewicz 42 239 3875

And I need to identify name and surname. I have a problem with the first and last example. My regex does not work for them. Any suggestion please?

Hey niteckam,

here is a simple Regex for the example data: ^(\d{3})\s([A-Za-z\sé])([\d\s-])$
I suggest to test the Regular Expressions first


@niteckam Will the data other than the names, contain only numbers and hyphen (-) synmbols ?

Hi it will be always like that

OK not at all I might have also

Hi @niteckam

So may i know what is the name and surname where der are 3 words present


For Eg :-

  1. Cecile A. Wattiez
  2. Do not use

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Always take just two fist words
Do not use - Do not
Cecile A. Wattiez - Cecile A

Hi @niteckam

Below is the Workflow for the same :-
MainPratik.xaml (8.4 KB)
New Text Document.txt (251 Bytes)

Input :-

Output :-

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Hello @niteckam,
Try this Regex. Here Group1 gives name and Group2 gives Surname


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