Regex failing in Uipath Studio

Trying to build a collection. It is successful in both Regex 101 and Regex Storm


Regex: (?<=\r\n\r\n\d )[\s\S]+?(?=\r\n\r\n\d |\z)

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff\r\n\r\n1 GET THIS TEXT\r\n\r\n2 GET THIS TEXT

There always seems to be a problem with UiPath and Complex regex. Why?

Hi @rpadev777 ,

Maybe try with the below regex :

(?<=\r?\n\r?\n\d )[\s\S]+?(?=\r?\n\r?\n\d|\z)

\r\n\r\n(#) are not regex code, they are part of the text I am trying to use in the lookbehind and before. Look at the example I left, don’t add return lines.

@rpadev777 ,

In that case, Check with the below :

(?<=\\r\\n\\r\\n\d )[\s\S]+?(?=\\r\\n\\r\\n\d|\z)

This Regex didnt work

@rpadev777 ,

Could you let us know what was done at your end ?

It does seem to work with Find Matching Patterns activity :

regex.matches(str_variable,“?<=\r\n\r\n\d )[\s\S]+?(?=\r\n\r\n\d| \z”)

I dont use Regex activities. What configuration did you use?

Using the activiteis did it, ill use those moving forward. Thank you guys

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