Regex for matching specific date

This regular expression is matching all dollar amounts instead of matching only dollar amounts preceded by keywords like Current charges or other key words mentioned.
For example it matches “My Testing $268.66”.
Can you help fix this please? Thank you,

((?i)(?<=Current Charges\s+\d+/\d+/\d+\s+).|(?<=(Current\sCharges\s+)|Total Current Period Charges\s+|Current\sBill:?\s?|CUR CHRGS|Total Charges|Total New Charges|current billed amount of|Due By:\s$?\d{1,2}/\d{1,2}/\d{4}\s+|Total Current Charges:?)\s*$?\s*[[\d]+[,.][\d.,]+\s*\n?|\s*$\s*[\d\s,.]+)


Just note when you paste your patten into the forums, some slashes are removed. Just be aware of this. It makes it hard to determine what the pattern was etc.

A photo of your pattern in studio can really help.

Try replacing with this pattern:
(?<=(Current Charges|Total Current Period Charges|Current\sBill|CUR CHRGS|Total Charges|Total New Charges|current billed amount of|Due By)\s*:?\s*)[\$\d.,]+

This pattern will match any of the above words with or without a colon “:” (and spaces) when they are followed by the following characters: digits 0-9, “$”, “.” or “,”

Preview the link here


Hopefully this helps