Ui Path does not use Regular Expressions?

Hi All,

I just wanted to know why Ui Path being such an advanced tool does not use whole of the regular expressions, which are part of every automation project. Instead of that it just uses 2 wildcards?

Hi @Pranav_Nikam ,

UiPath do support Regular expressions.
They have Is Match and Matches activities. You can pass regex expressions to these activities and generate the results.

where do u want to use regular expressions.In selectors?

Hi @Madhavi, Thanks for letting me know the same.

Hi @sreekanth, Regular expression can be used at various places where we want we want to compare values to generic pattern but is a specific format (eg. date, email, etc.)

@Pranav_Nikam you can just use Invoke Code and do whatever you want with regular expressions https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/standard/base-types/regular-expressions

Hi @Pranav_Nikam,

Refer the Matches and Is Match activity in the uipath.


Hi @arivu96,

Thanks for letting me know.

Hi @arivu96,

But can we use the regular expressions in the selectors as we can use the wild cards?

@Pranav_Nikam I think we cannot use why means selectors are dynamically changing