Use Regex in uipath

How will I select first 14 digit using regex. Please help
Example 00216735343889 1

from 2 A6475859, I need to select the 2nd part after space
from 00000000 0256443872562 1, I want to select the middle one

Please help

You should use Matches activity

Instead of regex, you use split function as well if your text is carrying spaces in between the required text.

matches or replace?


please show for one

I need only 1st 14 digit 00216735343889 1. how to do

In matches, choose advance option , and put this expression to get 14 digit values from the text.


And how will I choose anything after space like in 2 Aghgf54664

Sorry I have to remove space between these two. There are 3 spaces