Regex and Delay not working

  1. This variable not giving any value
  2. Delay activity i have set 00:02:00 but throwing error

Hi @Ritaman_Baral ,

Perform a Step Into once more and then check again the variable value and let us know if it produces a value.

not producing value…it should produce a vlaue

@Ritaman_Baral ,

Did you do the Step into again, when the Activity is highlighting on the Matches it means it has not yet executed it, So the Step into will execute it and then the Output will be generated for it.

Also, since the Execution Trail is enabled, you should see the Yellow Clock turn to Green Mark which would mark it as executed.

@Ritaman_Baral ,

Could you check just the variable without accessing its index ?

Also, Let us know the configured Properties of the Matches activity.

  1. regex got solved…Please find the snapshot for delay activity…this activity si throwing error…

@Ritaman_Baral ,

I believe the error is because of a Datatable being used within the Scope of the Create Action activities.

We assume a Datatable was used, so the point after which the Datatable is initialised you could use an Assign activity and add the table name to it like below :

DT.TableName = "Table Name"

Also, when working with Orchestration or Long running workflow, we could recommend to check out the Best Practices every now and then :

but why delay activity is failin g?

It’s not failing
It’s break point
Remove the break point in Debug tab for that activity
Initialise datatable variable to solve the previous issu

I am not using any dt over there
Simply I am using delay activity

Can u show the delay activity u have used as a screenshot along with its property panel

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