Regd certification Exam(dont use external file reference-orchestrator asset)

Hi I have attempted the certifcaton exam and it said -
" Don’t use external file references outside of the project folder (including Orchestrator Assets)."

we have to use credential from project config file. what does it mean.
does it mean i should not create orchestrator asset(credential) and refer it in program. pls advice



You can store the credentials in windows credential manager and write that name in config file. And from there you can use it in your process.

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Hi @Devjyoti_Bhattachary

Though it says you should not use assets, you can use a credential type without a problem. Actually, though we consider the credential asset as an asset, it works in a different way than an asset. When I was doing it, I actually used the orchestrator credential and it worked fine. But still to be on the safe side, you can use windows credential as well :slight_smile:


Thank @Lahiru.Fernando

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Thanks @lakshman

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