Certification practical exam credentials storing question

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It is my first post so at the beginning I wanna say Hi!

I know that there was some topics around my question but I’m still a bit confused.

I’m in middle of Level 3 Advanced training, and pass a theoretical exam on certification platform.
I tried once to pass practical exam, and obviously failed, but I was a bit confused in:
“not to store anything external the project folder” in credentials topic.
After read some topics I still don’t know how to do that if I will have similar challenge in next practical exam attempt.

I could store credentials as an asset in Orchestrator and just put asset name in config file. It is the best way imho in real-world situations, but according to exam is it OK?
It won’t works if somebody checking my exam won’t have access to my Orchestrator, right?

So how do that in legit, exam way?
Store credentials in config file in plain text (so not very secure) as e.g.:
cred_uname: username
cred_upass: password
because that way whole data will be inside the project folder? It doesn’t matter for me to put password to ACME System1 in config, but that way will be OK according to exam situation, or I just should store it in my Orchestrator as an asset and it doesn’t matter for Person checking my exam .zip package later?

Sorry it that question was answered before, but i didn’t find exact answer for that.
Thanks in advance!
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while submitting just erase the password from your config.xlsx file.

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Hi @KarthikByggari!

Thanks for quick reply! I mean, it’s not a problem for me to leave password for ACME when submit exam project, cus I prepared password just for that.
I was confused about way haw it should works.
But as I understand i just store credentials in config file like I mentioned above with empty value of username/password, and Person who will check my exam just use his/her own credentials to ACME, right?

Yes. It is not a problem.
Just erase your credential values.


Thank you for quick reply and clear answer for my question.

Best regards!

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