Regarding uipath robot

i have a scenario in which i have 5 sequence in one workflow . and we have successfully ran 3 sequences and while running 4th sequence the sequence fails. so what i need is if we can run the robot from the 4th sequence and we have some output from 3rd sequence which we have stored in the some kind of file so as to either trigger the 4th sequence from that output or we can call the 4th sequence directly .

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need help urgently

anybody have answer for that??? @aksh1yadav @badita you guys have answer for that???

UiRobot will always run the whole workflow. You can run the sequences one at a time only from Studio.

Hey @shivam1995

As per my understanding. you have 5 sequence and all have there work to perform.
By default UiPath Will run sequence in a sequence steps if they are in a sequence.

So you can create one new workflow for each sequence and then you can invoke them as per your needs.
like till three sequences you can define your workflow in a main sequence and based on the output you can invoke your next sequence by using invoke workflow.

if you have defined each sequence in a different workflow then you can read your ouput from the file or can run your 4th sequence.

But purpose i m not getting it is about to trigger robot or directly debug your 4th sequence where it is falling?
Let me know.