Word/Excel application scope activity - Process freezes

Hi Experts

I have a couple of processes using the Word and Excel Application Scope. I have noticed that sometimes when the process is run (from a VM triggered by Orchestrator) it seems to freeze after doing the actions with a Word/Excel application scope. From the logs I can see nothing happens for hours and the job needs to be killed as the stop action is not sufficient.

In a specific process I am using the Word application scope to convert a Word document to PDF and after that nothing happens. I have then implemented a delay of 5 secs and then killing all winword processes. In the log I can see that the Word process was killed for the first two instances but for the rest of the PDF conversion it ran through without killing the Word process.

To me it seems that the job is waiting for Word to close when the activities in the Word application scope is performed before it can continue. Otherwise I do not understand why it can wait for hours without doing nothing - but somehow it must still be running since the kill action is performed?

Any suggestions or ideas?

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Hi Jacchr,

I am facing same issue while run from orchestrator, nothing happened and no error. If you have solution. Please share to me.

I have the same issue in multiple processes, Did you find a solution please?

Hi @Esraa (and @anjaneevaraprasad)

I never found a solution with the UiPath components - not sure if it has been fixed with later releases (still running 2019.x here).

I ended up writing my own “activity” in C# and Microsoft.Office.Interop using the Invoke Code activity. It has been running smoothly ever since.

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