Regarding the data in array


I am getting the data from the after looping the email body also have extracted data which required.
I need save the looped data into excel problem is that only last data is stored in excel.

that is because u are not itirating the cell value in which you are writing.
if I’m not wrong in write cell activity you have selected “A1”.
This will rewrite the data in the cell for every itiration.

Data Store.xaml (5.4 KB)

Hope this would help.

Ashley Nihal Dcunha

can you helps me save the looped data in array.

Please check attached sheet.

i would suggest you to go with the LIST instead of array.
the excel sheet is not available

OKAY but values is dynamic for every time it will work for same scenario

getting the attached error try to change to string also but same error.

Hi @kiranh

You will need to change the type of your variable in the Variable pane. See here: