Write data into CSV file with the string variable

I have a variable which is extracted from the image, and need to write into the CSV file.
The CSV file having three columns!! (Full name, title, company).

Am getting output in excel as follows,
Ouput.xlsx (7.6 KB)

My issue is that not able to see the columns in excel! Can anyone of you please look into the logic . Main.xaml (22.4 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Main (11).xaml (20.7 KB)

Check with this xaml, actually for each item you are adding a row into your datatable, instead of that for set of three items you need to add as a single row in your datatable.

you need to ignore the first two elements in your array.

hey @sarathi125 sure, thanks.

@sarathi125 I got this error after running the xaml given by you,

Main (11).xaml (22.5 KB) @sushmithaelluru,

Check this, I have updated the xaml.

I am getting only 2 items in the arrayData, not sure how many you are getting.

Ok! Sure, thanks.