Problem in looping the read range data

iam facing the problem in looping the read range data ,

i cant write the data form this data table .

Hi @akshaygm12,


its not entering into the for each row loop

@akshaygm12 Before forloop give writeline to check how many rows are there in that datatable. and also check whether name datatablename give both for each and read range activity.

Hey, @akshaygm12!

You don´t need customer_data_array variable.

You must have an issue with the variable type you assigned to customer_data_array variable.

In the for each input, just go with: row.ItemArray

It will work just fine.


@akshaygm12 can you please share what is the exact requirement

i want to read the data using read range in excel from E2:H2

then using loop i want to get the individual data from the loop and process those data .

Can you send the xaml file, So we can help