Regarding queues status and add queue item

I have a dispatcher , which add items to queues which has uniques ref set
Performer runs and two items are retried and set as Failed status.
Now i try to re load queue by rerunning the dispatcher , it give dupe item found error
As per my scenario, as the retry also failed.I am trying to reload the queue same items , for another run of performer as previous ones are failed.I still want to add only uniques ID to queue

Please advise how can i approach above scenario

It’s because you are adding queue items with the same reference ID. Your options:

  1. Don’t include reference id on your add queue item activity. (disregards unique id contrains)

  2. Make your reference id more unique! (i.e. concat of to a specific id)

My scenario is
ID-yyyy-mm-dd kept a unique reference, but as it failed , status in queue is failed. after fixing the business error
I am rerunning the dispatcher to reload the same items , but its doesnt allow as it throws dupe , even tho old ones are of status failed…so how can i keep the same unique ref and try reloading if previous attempts are fail