Regarding iterating the queue items

Hi All,

After data scrapping I added the web table details to queue.

Now I want to iterate the queue and get the invoice details by searching invoice number in GUI.

Any one knows the idea then kindly share it.


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you can use get queue items activity!

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in the queue more than 100 records are their, how to get one by one (For Example: suppose the details are in excel then we read the file and use for–each row activity to retrieve each row).

Like this I need to get the queue items also.

well use
use get queue items and pass your queue name
and use for each loop to iterate the values!
argument type for for each loop should be QueueItem
and inside you can get specific content like

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I got your idea. I have one small doubt , to iterate the queue items,we need total queue item count , right. How to get that one.

get output like this

and use queuelist.count

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Thanks for your solution, its working fine. But its not working for all the queueitems,

Some time its iterating to 8 or 10 or 15. Its not iterating for whole queue items.

What;s the issue?

check the queueitems which are in queue,
Cheers @Bala_Murugan_Kothand close this thread by marking it as a solution

I have seen in Orchestrator , for 15 queues it showing ‘In Progress’ and others are in ‘New’ status. But the execution is stopped after 15 queue items iterated.

What’s the issue and how to resolve it.

Hi Pradeep,

You have found the solution for my issue?.


can you share the screen shot?

Queue process screen shot-converted.pdf (213.1 KB)

Attached the file,check it once.