Refresh the webpage for every 20 minutes

Once I login to webpage and the process is executing. I want to refresh the webpage for every 20 minutes and login into the page again. How can we set the time interval 20 minutes and the process should continue from where it had stopped

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You can do that by tuning the execution time of all the activities that interact with the webpage by tuning the default delay option of the activities; for example, if there is a click activity, you can force it to run for at least 10 seconds by adding 5 seconds in the delay before and another 5 seconds in delay after so if you have two clicks, that means 20 seconds have been passed so you can add the refresh activity after them

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Thank you it worked


Adding delay is although a good option but not a best way of approach because say if your bot finds the page loaded in five seconds but you have kept delay for 10 seconds bot won’t won’t be able to skip that 10 seconds
It will wait for that complete 10 seconds and only then it will continue

Which means bot runtime gets increased

To tune that performance we need to consider few other activities and steps as below

  1. use a RETRY SCOPE activity and inside the action block use a Click activity and click on the refresh button in your application

  2. In condition block use a ELEMENT EXISTS activity where indicate any of the element that you would find once the page loads completely

  3. In retry scope activity set the property Numberofretries as 20 and in time internal set as 10 seconds

This will now execute and click on refresh button until it finds a element once the page loads completely

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Manish_Mathias

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Thanks it’s working

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Is there any further queries on this topic


@Palaniyappan how can you put a condition stating after every 20 minutes I can refresh the page or other case is every time i refresh Page and depending on the screen i continue with the following tasks

As I mentioned with RETRY SCOPE you can mention the time interval at which the bot has to refresh the page
Mention the value in Timeinterval in seconds for the time you want

That should work for sure

Cheers @Manish_Mathias

@Palaniyappan thank you so much it’s working good :blush:

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Glad it got resolved

Any further queries on this topic

Cheers @Manish_Mathias

@Palaniyappan a small query. After any error I need to continue from the excel row which it was stopped. Now if any error and page is getting refreshed it’s beginning from start again but actually I want to continue from where it stopped.

Then no worries
Surround that entire retry scope activity with a TRY CATCH block and catch the exception type System.Exception and use a log message activity inside the catch block to just have a trace if any failure happens

Cheers @Manish_Mathias

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