Refresh mailbox


My flow starts with downloading emails from Outlook and then series of processes continues.Problem is that once the bot starts running sometimes the outlook is not refreshed and it is unable to get the updated mails.
Is there a way to refresh the outlook(not manually) using any activity before starting the flow?

Thank You

Hi @Faraz_Subhani

One way of the way is via Ui automation.

You can send hotkey(Shift+F9) and then put an element exist to wait till the update is completed.




Hi @rajat.pandey
Thanks for sparing your time, do you mind attaching a workflow for the same.Also, may be this won’t work if Outlook is not opened,is there a way through which bot can open Outlook and then wait till the mail folders are updated and only then perform the further actions.

Hello my friend, Can you find a solution to refresh mail without openning outlook? I have the same scenario that you and I am looking for a way to refresh my inbox

Hi ,

You can even use start outlook process before you start reading email from the mail folder. once you start the process it will automatically update the folder

Hi @Faraz_Subhani and @Lucky0906

Though a bit delayed, but I will keep one more alternative response here so that it can help others in future and you too.

Usually we have pre-build switches for Outlook that can run from the CMD like outlook.exe /finder etc., but we don’t have any such thing for refresh rate though we can change the default refresh rate(30 min) of Send/Receive in outlook setting and then it will work even after application being closed(though service running ofcourse).

To do the same follow the below mentioned path and reference image:
Open outlook -> File -> Advanced -> Send/Receive settings