When do I need to use REFramework without Workqueue?


I would like to know:

  • In wich projects, when to use REFramework without Workqueue?
  • In wich projects, when to use REFramework with Workqueue?

For example one of my proyects is a web scraping, the user provides an excel input with list of numbers to check in the portal and the robot reads the resulting information and save it to a database. In this project I decided use REFramework without Workqueue and using the data table from the excel input.

Thank you!


  • I guess there are no specific projects where we can use queues and where we cannot. Almost for every project we can implement queues. Re-Framework with queues provides robust exception handling

  • For your project you can use Re-Framework without queues since this template is flexible to work with excel or data tables as well. Disable the unnecessary components in the framework and made some minor changes according to your requirement

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Hey @angel_ramirez

To be precise,

  1. Linear Process - ReFramework without queue

  2. Transactional Process - ReFramework with queue

There is no hard rule still, but just the standards and situations based.