ReFramework Set Transaction Status workflow

Hi, I am currently working with ReFramework and using DataRow as my transaction item, what do I do with the Set Transaction Status, Add transaction log fields, etc activities in the SetTransactionStatus workflow?

First, change the data type of the TransactionItem.
Then just remove the Set Transaction Status activities :slight_smile:
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How do I use the Assign io_RetryNumber if I am not using Orchestrator queues?

You can change it in the Variables of Main

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How do I increment the retry number if the transaction did not complete successfully?

Currently I see here assign retry number from queue, set queueRetry etc

Also how do I set the retry number for Business Exceptions?

Inside this, use Assign activity of io_RetryNumber.
io_RetryNumber = io_RetryNumber + 1

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If you are accessing with queues you can increment the same in orchestrator in queues tab and in edit queues option
Kindly refer the below image of your reference buddy…

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In “Handle System Error”, does Robot Retry increment io_RetryNumber already? or do I have to add another activity to increment it? Also do I have to specify queueRetry = False for the incrementing to work?

Usually retry will get incremented with the help of an activity with counter in REFramwork buddy

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Hi, as per above, I have to modify the ReFramework slightly because I am not using Orchestrator queues

I have a throw activity as a result of a failed test within my process workflow:

Exception: New Exception(“City not in the list of acceptable Cities”).

When the process workflow ends and set transaction status workflow begins, the transaction is logged as a system error and a retry begins. However, I want this to be logged as a business exception, not as a system error, with no retry. How do I fix this? Is the issue the way that I am using the throw activity?

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Sorry for the delayed response… no buddy its not with the exception thrown. But where it is passed is the question…if it is passed in business exception container in the set transactions status workflow, this would have been considered as business exception…kindly check with the arguments in business exception…assigned variables…

Cheers buddy…