Reframework-Sending mail to mutiple recipients

I am passing in config file multiple mailids suffixed with ; as below:


Got below issue while reading Config file

Can some one please help.

Enter as text. Remove hyperlink from the cell.

Hi, make sure it’s text in the cell and remove the hyperlink.

I made change like below:

Restarted Studio also but no luck.Same issue was populated.

Shouldn’t have to restart studio. So when you open the config file it’s definitely not a hyperlink?

Hi @ndivya ,
Can you show how are you providing these mails into you send mail activity? If it’s provided as variable please show us what type of variable is this?

I am not using a variable,directly taking from config file as below:

try remove hiperlink and add a space between emails in the config file.

I have test on the my machine and work fine.


Better to Replace ; with , it will work

Added space and tried not wrkng.

with , it works when we give directly names in Send mail message activity like below:,

Yep, It Works

Hi All,

Its working as even though i changed to text,it is treating as hyperlink only in i have copied it from notepad and after that it has not treated mail ids as hyperlinks and flow started working.

Thanks for help.


it is working for me without using notepad and changing hyperlink to text


Yes,it works from excel as well.

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make it as solution if possible

bro i am send mails from RE frame work i am getting this problem