How to get the mail adresses from config file

Hi guys,

I have an Excel document that I want to mail via exhange.

The thing is, I am using reframework and I dont want to hard code the mails in to the process.

I want the robot to get the mails from the config file and send the mail to those email adresses that I will write into the Config file. I dont want the robot to send individual mails to each person, I want to mail them all at once with the attached excel file.

Would appreciate your help. Thank you.


Write all mail id’s in config file and separate with semi colon. And then read these id’s based on its name.


Where Mail_List is the name of that mail list.

I used it but i get an error like this


its says Config is unspecified. May be inaccessible due to the level of protection

Should I import any argument to the workflow where I do this?


Here, Config variable is of type Dictionary. Have you created any variable of type Dictionary or not ?

No I have not.


First you should need to create dictionary variable and then based on that name you can access it’s value from Config file. Once refer InitAllSettings.xaml workflow in REFramework template.