Uipath queue: How to update additional queue item (field with value) in the same transaction


I’ve a queue called “A_Queue” and there is few transactions available in the queue.


Now I want to update once more value in the existing transaction and update back to the queue.
Please suggest me the best way to do this.

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@manirajmkr,As far as i know,You cannot update the value in the transaction item.You need to add it as a new transaction item (Or) You need to delete the queue and add new queueitem and add updated transaction items

ok… can you tell me like how can i get the values which is there in the Output Data: Object part.

item.SpecificContent(“xx”).ToString is not working

Try this item.outputContent(“xx”).tostring and check @manirajmkr


It says outputContent is not a member of uipath.core.queueitem…

Hi Guys, is the problem solved? Seems like Queue item doesn’t return Output Data.

Suppose i have totally 10 different item nos in queues and i want extract one at a time and i have to use that in a if else statement how to do this can any1 help.

hi @Darshhan , do you mean you want to get one item at a time from the queue? If so, you can use ‘Get Transaction Item’ Activity

Thanks for the response. I think it will extract all the item numbers if i use get transaction item… and i need to use in if else condition. Need response

Hi @Darshhan, might I know more about your scenario here? Are you trying to get a specific data from Queue’s Specific Data Object?

There are 10 item numbers i want to extract one by one and then i have to do some if condition.

May you provide the detail steps of the process? 10 item numbers in a transaction item’s specific content ?

I have some items in the asset and then those item numbers will be processed and then it ll be added to queues. From that queue i want the item no

Based on my understanding, you are trying to access your data stored in ‘Specific Data’ in your transaction item? If that’s it, you could use TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“xxx”).

Hello… Is there any solution identified to this???

Hi @Ashish32229, are you trying to get the output data in queue item?

Yes… Need details which are updated under Output data…

Hi @Ashish32229, we can’t get from direct from Queue object currently. The workaround will be using Orchestrator API to get your Queue Items.


If you are using community Orchestrator, you could use Swagger to test your response.


Cheers. Hope this helps. :slight_smile: