REFramework Linear process (Single Transaction)


If i just wanted to use the REFramework for example to download a report and save it in a pre-defined destination and then edit it (pivot)

How would i configure the framework to complete this single task?

The task to complete is already set in my Process.xaml but i’m not sure how i get it to call the process from the GetTransaction.xaml

I’ve set the condition in my IF activity to in_TransactionNumber = 1 but not sure what to add in the “Then” to ensure it checks for a transaction to process.

When i run it in it’s current state as above, i get the following “Process finished due to no more transaction data” but the Process.xaml is never executed



Hi @Supernova

Some time ago I wrote the post under explaining one way you could do it.
Hopefully that will help you.



Thanks @Florent_Salendres much appreciated.

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