I want to read another excel sheet in reframework

I want to read another sheet in Re. Can someone show me a workflow how can I do it.
I have read sheet with in_transactionItem variable which was already used in Re. I dont know how to read second sheet and/or second excel and pass it to the Queue,

If someone can show me a workflow and also how to pass it to process state it will be really helpful

This is my first sheet.

HI @Bhushan_Nagaonkar

Try like this

Assign a integer
SheetCount = 1

Add a Switch with the Int Type Arguments
Pass the expression as SheetCount

  • in he Case 1:

  • in the Case 2:
    Give the bot to read and add the data of the other sheet.

You need to increment the SheetCount when the process is completed with Sheet 1

Use Above method if you want to process the sheet 1 first and then get the sheet 2 add them in queue and process them

If you want to add the data in the queue at a stretch (i.e., In one time)

Method 2:
Assign a integer
SheetCount = 1

Use For each
CurrentItem in Enumerable.Range(0,2)

If SheetCount =1
TRUE → Give the bot to read and add the data of the first sheet in the queue.
Assign SheetCount = SheetCount+1
FALSE → Give the bot to read and add the data of the Second sheet in the Queue.


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Can you be a little more clear…like you want to work on different sheets or different files and add data from each file or sheet to queue?

Or is it something else?


I want to read another sheet in Reframework and pass that value in process state so I read that sheet in my workflow/s. Can you share an example (screenshot) of that process?

Thankyou for your answer. Can you share screenshot if possible. I understood the process. I just want to make sure it is correct what Im thinking.

I dont have to add another argument or variable is that correct also Im using this sheet simultaneusly.


You will do get worksheets and create an array of sheets…then assign each using transactionnumber to the transactionitem

Arr(transactionumber-1) else nothing


Can you share a screen shot of process if possible?


Please check this

Hope this helps


Thankyou for your time and solution


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Can we also pass this data in queue and use it. If yes then how. Im adding this data in queue and then using it.


Can you explain more…I thought this is for working with queue only but the dispatcher part

Is it not dispatcher?

if you have queue items then no array and all are needed directly get transaction item should be enough


MicrosoftTeams-image (63)

This is how Im reading my first sheet and similarly Im reading second sheet

This is the condititon Im using

MicrosoftTeams-image (64)


So basically you are checking if either one of the table is having data then trying to do a bulk load of both tables?


Yes Im passing the data the data since I want them simultaneously and im using in_transactionitem of re to read value. It is working for first sheet not for second sheet


Basically…in the get transaction data as I showed above you need to pass each sheet for each iteration…and in process xaml you will use in_TransactionItem argument value instead of the original sheetname…then for each iteration you will get a different name and process xaml will read different data…

Hope this is clear


Is my process correct do i need to make any changes and I dont need to pass/assin variable/argument to excel sheet activity??


In your process ideally you need to modify the transaction item to string and use it instead of hardcoded sheetname


Ill let you know by tomorrow

@Anil_G The value is getting added in the queue but it is unable to read it or use it in any activity.
The data is visible in the queue.

MicrosoftTeams-image (65)


Check the key name properly…Also may be its retreiving any old item i guess…check and use properly…you can check the transactionitem from the locals panel…also on queue filter on in progress when failed and check the content of that particular item…

And the keys are case sensitive