REFramework: Invoke InitApplications for no transation data

Hi Team,

We have a process that needs three applications, (one unix reflection and two websites) need to be logged into before the processing starts. From REframework concept, how to avoid this initialization when we dont have transaction data?
That is is it Ok to push the get transaction data check before init applications?
Will appreciate the input from best practices point of view.



May I know from where you are getting this input data ?

The input data is from the queue.


Then do one thing. Before opening applications check whether any items are there or not to process. If it’s not there then Throw System exception using Throw activity. Then it will go to End Process state.

Hi @kiranmili,

Just launch the applications from “InitiAllApplications” in init state
Then close the applications from “CloseAllApplications” in end state

Framework will take care, if no transaction is there bot will open and close all the applications

Do you mean invoke initapplications based on get transaction data ?

@aanandsanraj, well we know that, my concern is to save bot time in Initapplications , when there is no transaction data from the queue.


You have to write the same logic in INIT state also. If items are there init all applications else throw Exception to stop the process.

For that, you have to check the queues in Init state before “InitiAllApplications”. Based on the queue availability add a logic to invoke all applications.

Got it Thanks.

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Got it , Thanks.

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