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Hi all,
i’m using the ReFramework and i’m doing the login of my 2 apps at the INIT level, i don’t use the GET TRANSACTION status but only init & process.
In the INIT section i’m opening two applications.
One of this app has a login timeout and it’s used few times later after login, so i need to check inside PROCESS transaction, when i need to use it, if my app is already opened.
How can i do that? By checking an element exist and in case invoke the same login .xaml of INIT or going back to INIT? Or something else?


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Hi @andreus91,

before starting any transaction you can use element exists, if it returns false invoke login flow.
you can use this in get transaction data, otr start of process transaction.

Thank You,
Shubham Pratap

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Firstly thanks,
i used only INIT and PROCESS state, so i can check before every transaction begin at PROCESS level?
For example, i need to process some cases, or bill, so i put it in a while loop, your advice is to put an if at the beginning to check every time if the app is already opened and in case is close to invoke the login?

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Yes , check state of application , if it is not login , close and login the application.

You can put the check whenever you want to use application in every transaction once.

Again if application session timeout is less than your transaction duration, you might need to have this check multiple times in transaction.

You can explain me case specificly so, I can say where you exactly need to put check.

Thank You,

Shubham Pratap


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