Reframework for list of files, how to initialize io_transactiondata string array

Hello I’m trying to use the Reframework for a list of files in a folder. I’ve changed the io_TransactionData type to string and TransactionItem type to string. In GetTransactonData how do I initialize this string array as dynamic as the number of files in the folder changes. I’m using directory.getfiles which returns a string array. Thanks in advance.

Transactions are about Queues. You can’t change the datatype to string, a transaction’s type is QueueItem.

RE Framework probably isn’t what you want to use here. It’s overcomplicated for most automations.

Just use directory.getfiles and then loop through that array. Inside the array do what you need to do for each file. You don’t need RE Framework for this.

this seems to work…

That’s just a variable. It’s not a transaction. You’d be much better off with a dispatcher/performer model. One automation (dispatcher) reads the files and adds items to a queue, another automation (performer) pulls transactions from the queue and processes them.

Either way, unless your process is extremely large/complex, RE Framework is overkill, confusing, and overcomplicates things. You’ll learn a lot more by just starting a new blank project from scratch.

I agree, especially as the reframework itself tends to change over time, I think they just added a retry scope in there too. Thanks so much!

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