How to use List Of String In Re Framework

I m a little confused how can i use list of string for the transaction in re framework ?

What modification is to be done in Init and Get Transaction Data

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Hi @sagar.raval

One way you can do is that you can convert the List of Strings to the dt_transaction datatable



Init use list of string

get transaction use type as string


can you provide a workflow ?

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? , Where have you add list of string?



hmm I guess it could work… but datatable > datarow makes more sense

if I had to do it
in init state I would assign list of string
I would change TransactionItem type from QueueItem to String and see what breaks

It can be done, but it doesn’t make sense to spend time on rewriting ReFramework for this, since datarow or queueitem are already there

Well i would recommend to go with existing data format
But still If you would like to modify the data type of the transaction yes it is possible to do with some slight changes

an example of how you can modify the Init state:

1. Read your list of strings from a data source (e.g., an Excel file, database, or any other source) and store it in a List(Of String) variable, let's call it transactionData.

2. Initialize your TransactionItem variable as an integer (TransactionItem: Int32). 

3. Initialize your TransactionData variable as a List(Of String) and assign it the list ofstrings you read from your data source.

And these are the changes in get transaction data state

1. Use the TransactionItem variable as an index to retrieve the next string from your List(Of String) transactionData.

2. Check if the TransactionItem is within the range of valid indices in your list.
   - If it is, assign the corresponding string to your out_TransactionItem argument.
   - If it's not (i.e., you've processed all strings), set out_TransactionItem to Nothing to signal that there are no more transactions.

3. Increment the TransactionItem by 1 to prepare for the next transaction.

With these modifications, your ReFramework will iterate through your list of strings as individual transactions, and you can process each string in the Process state as needed. If you reach the end of the list, the process will exit gracefully.

Hope this helps

Cheers @sagar.raval


Please check the step by step approach of what needs to change

Array and list works in the same way

Hope this helps