Using Foreach row inside the framework

I’m trying to run a for each row loop inside the framework (Process part). If an exception occurs while working inside for each row, it moves to the next row and tries to repeat the same operation.
I tried to repeat the action by putting a try catch inside for each row, but when an exception occurs, it follows the general framework exception handling. (not processing the next row)

How can I make it run for each row inside the framework?

Can you show a snapshot of the code?

I can’t post it publicly, can you give me your email address? But it’s Korean, so it’s hard to understand


You need to read one by one row in Get Transaction Data state and then send it to Process State to process it.

To explain the process, TransactionData consists of city + region, and the process finds the city (region).xlsx excel file with the above information, searches the information in it, and saves the result. So I am trying to use for esch row in Process.

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