REFrameWork execution is not ending even after all processes are completed

Hi All,

I am going through Level 3 UiPath certification, I completed the Assignment no. 1 but I have one problem.

Even after all transactions are processed the automation shows like it keep on executing forever.

Any suggestion to solve this.

Does this occurs only for ReFramework WF or other WF too?
How about debug mode same issue?

This occur only in ReFramework WF, other projects which I created are working fine.

Yes, same issue in debug mode also, can not step over after a stage got stuck there.

ok cool.
It’s kind of known issue.
Couple of suggestion,

  • Try to remove if your used Write line or Log message activities which adds up the more size at each stage of execution,
  • I believe your reading excel config file so make sure there is no empty/blank row(delete if any)

Thank you very much!!!

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In State machine frame work, if the conditions are not handled properly (Ex, there is no condition satisfied for the next Trigger) then the state machine will never transitioned to next state and it will appear to be in infinite loop. It is Always a best Practice to print the Trigger condition and the end of each process to find the state and transition conditions to verify the state.