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What are the different exceptions we can raise or put in a try-catch in reframework ? when do we raise it ? and what are the difference which each exception ? for example if there are error on the clicking and navigating on the app with the bot …what right exception to throw or rethrow ? Thanks.

Actually there are mainly two kinds of exception we see the n reframework

System exception

Business exception

System exception comes as a result of problems in system while automating a process

Business excpection is thrown when the data validation is done

With an example I can explain

Let’s say u are filling a web form from the data in excel file using Reframework

Now there are many columns one such is money column

Here u need to put a condition in your process

If money >100 u should enter the details in the web form otherwise u had to leave it

So that time u can use the data validation logic and then throw the business exception Accordingly so that that transactionitem will be get skipped and next transactionitem resumes.

System exception occurs as a result of some problems in system let say the website did not load in time or like that

Reframework actually retries the transaction item in case when a system exception occurs

So much n your case if the bot fails to clicking it will throw a system exception and thus get retries it again by closing the opening the website again.

But you can handle it Accordingly by making small changes in workflow design

Hope the above information helps you


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Should I use rethrow or throw ?

To throw an exception u should use throw

But throw is used based on some scenarios


For example the while login if the username and password are wrong then u need to throw an exception (business exception)

But in case of system exception there is no need for throwing the system exception as it will be generated and it will be handled Accordingly

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when to use rethrow ?

Hi @AhmedKutraphali

Check this

@NIVED_NAMBIAR … What types of error or exceptions where in the bot could no longer recover ? or recovering is not an option ?

May be website or application update which changed the structure of website or application

But the design of automation should be in such a way that it would be able to recover as much as exception as it can handle


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One last question bro Application Exception and system exception are the same right ? thanks

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