REFramework need help in exception handling

Hi Guys, I am not clear about How “Try/Catch” works, what is difference between throw and rethrow.
My scenario is -
I open one application, do lot of data entry in it, when enter invalid data in application , i should be able to throw it as business exception and robot should do a clean exit, meaning it should close the application and handle business exception by sending email and then go to next transaction. sending email is working for me. i dont know how to clean exist, how try catch can help me here. how can i also achieve this without using try catch. If someone has got a sample workflow kindly share it. also what is rethrow. suppose if i have opened one application and insdie that i have opened another application and if i encounter a business exception now inside this second application, i want to close second application and then first application and send email with business exception message.

Pls advise.

@Rani1978 What is meant by Invalid Data, How will the Application know if it is an Invalid Data?

Hi @Rani1978

Check Below Post

Hope this helps