Not able to create RE Framework Project using template in C#, Windows

Every time I am selecting C#, Windows configuration to create a RE Framework project - it says

The template does not support the selected configuration (C#, Windows).

Can anybody help me with this studio error?

I think its normal. Iā€™m using Studio 23.2.0 and still does not provide REFramework Windows C# config.

Here is similar thread you can check it out Any idea on Reframework template for Windows compability, not supporting c#?

Hey Thank you, @Yan22 for your reply. I was able to find a workaround this. I am using 22.10.4 version of the Studio and creating RE framework in windows - legacy and then converting it into windows
This way it worked for me.

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Glad you found it! I think I should try it too :smiley:

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