REFramework and Application Scope (SAP)


UiPath recommends using the REFramework but I’m curious as to how an application scope should be handled when used with REFramework.

The “Initializing” activity in the “State-Machine” Workflow provided by the REFramwork, is supposed to take take care of launching the app (and login) via the “Invoke InitiAllApplications workflow” workflow which is fine but how is the application scope re-used throughout the entire workflow?

How it is used in the “Close All Applications” workflow to logout and close the application or through the process itself via the “Get Transaction Data” workflow.

Do you have to re-create an application scope in each or can you somehow pass the application scope via some Argument in order to re-use it in different workflows?

Can anyone clarify this?


Hi @tfierens1!

After logging in to SAP (presumably by using SAP Logon followed by SAP Login), you can use an Attach Window activity and output a reference to the SAP window using the Output argument called ApplicationWindow.

Later in the process, whenever you need to attach to that application window, you can use the reference and even output a new reference when the Attach scope ends.