Hi team,
I am currently working on reframe work were i have to use 8 web application so i have to create the instance like if the process got error in 3rd apllication means only the 3rd browser must be re intialized and continue the process.

@syris - Can you pls provide below details

  • 8 web applications should open all the time and exchange data between all 8 web apps?
  • Is there any dependency between web apps? if yes - how many should be active at a given time?
  • can you give me a rough flow of how you navigate between sites

Consider I am having 4 browser application browser A, Browser B, Browser C, Browser D that I am intialized in init application. And in process transaction I am getting error in browser C so the init application is restarted from browser A ,browser B, Browser C but I want to skip Browser A,B . can u pls send a sample workflow

during initialization a browser - add output variable element and store it in dictionary < string, object or UiElement> …
String will be your browser list - like A, B,C, D…
Object/UiElement will be your browser output variable -
Based on the list - you can perform attach window - switch between browser tabs and close the browser aswell…

Can u pls create a sample reframework and send it to me.

Use Set Transaction Progress Activity after finishing each browser flow

Can u pls send me a sample flow