ReFramewok usage

I would like to know in which cases should we use ReFramewok and when can we just create independent workflows without using ReFramewok. Please let me know.

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Hi @mailsmithash

Maybe we need to use reframework in more complex flow.

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@mailsmithash if you see the re framework template once you can see the different stages where it built by maintaining all the exceptions which intense it will help to run your flow with high accuracy and and there is an option when you work on any datatables if you get any error rather than closing the flow it will go for next row and stores the error with screenshot.
finally i would say re framework is fully packed to run complex process in a easy manner.

Usually its based on the process we are going to automate buddy
–for example if we are going to automate a big business process which involves lot of transactions between multiple applications and instances, then we can use REFramework
–if its a simple linear and straightforward process then we can use normal independent workflows without REFramework
thats why we got these many options to create a workflow based on our need before while we start creating them

hope this would help you
Kindly let know for any queries or clarification
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Thanks for the inputs provided,its indeed helpful. Based on use cases we can take a decision for usage of Framework.