RE Framework use

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Hope you are doing great, i have Completed Foundation & Orchestrator from academy, now i am stuck in RE Framework topic, i want to understand few things.

1- Why we use RE Framework & what reasons are using it.
2- What is RE Framework
3- Do we need to use RE Framework everytime while doing automation of a process.
4- Which topics else to cover before staring RE Framework.

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Hi @mohitsaxena79

I’m doing good. hope you are too :slight_smile:

Hey, I suggest you to go through these material to get a much better understanding on this.

This PDF gives a whole lot of detail about REF
REFramework documentation.pdf (507.8 KB)

Also, Go to the Academy, and enroll in this new course

In this course, if you go down in the course, you can directly go into the REFramework section.

This explains why we need to use REF, and how it differs from other approaches, when we need to use it… basically it answers all your questions :slight_smile:


Hello Lahiru,
Thank you :slight_smile: , do we have to use RE Framework everytime when we have to automation any process ?

No! We use RE Framework for complex tasks only!


Depends on the requirement. On our company, we have pre designed templates which we use based on the complexity.

If it is a high complex task, then we prefer the user of REFramework. if it is a simpler task, then we have a solution created in a much simpler way as a standardized way of creating workflow designs

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That’s fine,
can we edit /modify and create own RE framework ?

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Yes… we can do that…

What we did is, we first took the REFramework given by UiPath. Then, we modified it to suit our standards :slight_smile:

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Thank you Lahiru
Got it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: , last Qs. is “Invoke Workflow” have any role in RE Framework?