REF framework triggering ST-NMG-002- naming convention warning

I’ve discovered the “analyze file feature”, and I’m running it against my code so I can become a better developer.

I’m confused however, as it’s flagging things that are part of the REF framework. For example, looking at Process.XAML - I get the following warning:

Warning	ST-NMG-002	Argument in_TransactionItem does not respect the set pattern in_([a-z]|[A-Z]|[0-9])+_([a-z]|[A-Z]|[0-9])+	Process.xaml
Make sure all the arguments follow the naming convention. [Learn more.](

But it seems to me that in_TransactionItem matches the naming standard, and as such - I’m royally confused.

What am I missing? Help?

Try with in_Transaction_Item

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yes yours is in right format

but as per the analyze file feature…and as per the REGEX it should be like


or any such

Cheers @David.Valentine

Thanks everyone! I see it with the RegEx, I’m just not sure why they are looking for two underscores. I get the sense I’m not missing something however, so I’m happy about that!

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cheers @David.Valentine

I have not used the feature, but can’t you change the naming convention pattern to meet your needs?

Also, there are some coding standard issues I have with REF, however the argument naming is not really one of them :smiley: